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Problemarket.com - the Problem Stock ExchangeMonument to the PROInternational Centre of Graphic Arts,
Ljubljana/Slovenia, September 11th 2003 at 9pm (in the frame of the accompanying programme of The 25th Biennial of Graphic Arts)http://www.problemarket.com/aboutus.html
In July 2002, Davide Grassi and Igor Stromajer (inter-media artists in the role of the Members of the Management Board of The Problem Stock Exchange), introduced their initiative to raise a monument to the official currency of the Problem Stock Exchange - the PRO.On 11 September 2003, a monument to the PRO will erect in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The international expert commission decided upon the proposal of Li Chu Wang, of Hong Kong, representing the power and stability of PRO and its success at the international markets. Invited guest: Emil Hrvatin, theatre director, performing arts theorist and cultural activist.
A special programme of events entitled "Celebration of the PRO" is dedicate to this innovative currency. This initiative intends to reconstruct the main points of Problemarket's history through its currency and represent the emotions and memories of brokers and users of Problemarket in relation to the PRO.There are several additional events scheduled during the "Celebration of the PRO":- an exhibition at the ProRos Gallery promoted with the collaboration of ProState and the Profit bank; with the title "The Long Way of PRO";- a series of publications; first available volume: "The Golden PRO; History, Emotions and Perspectives of Our Currency", by A. J. Mint;- September 11th was proposed to become dedicated to the "Celebration of the PRO", at the occasion of which different periodical events such as round tables, conferences and widespread cultural activities, related to the new currency, will take place;- issue of the "Golden PRO Stamp" and of a "Special Memorial Postcard". Problemarket.com - the Problem Stock Exchange
http://www.problemarket.com/aboutus.htm International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana
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Problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange at Manifesta 4 Frankfurt, Germany - Problemarket.com press conference: May 26th 2002 at 11:00 - Trespassing Space / Frankensteiner Hof. Opening of the Displaced Problemarket.com Art-Problems Department - dPAPd and presenting the Video Documentary.

Davide Grassi and Igor Stromajer (Problemarket.com - the Problem Stock Exchange) will officially open dPAPd - the Displaced Problemarket.com Art-Problems Department in Frankfurt. They will do so within the frame of Manifesta 4, the European Biennale of Contemporary Art, which is an important international event in the field of contemporary art, already very problematic itself, and combining a huge number of contemporary artists, experiencing different problems of theory, production, exhibition and creation. Davide Grassi and Igor Stromajer are sure that this is the perfect time and place for dPAPd to start its mission. Special guest of dPAPd at Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt will be Mr. Igor Zabel, Head Curator of the Modern Gallery in Ljubljana, Director of Manifesta 3 and Member of the Manifesta International Board, who will present a special problem with the title: "The very idea of Manifesta in danger!" Davide Grassi and Igor Stromajer, legitimately and in accordance with their duties, are going to donate this problem to the honoured members of the Manifesta committee (Problemarket.com

- Problem Stock Exchange will bestows total ownership and legal rights of disposal of this problem upon the honoured members of the Manifesta committee for an unlimited amount of time). - Visit dPAPd e-Form to submit your artistic or art-related problem! http://www.problemarket.com/aboutus.html
The main tasks of dPAPd are:

- To organize the international free market of artistic and art-related problems. - To monitor the stock exchange floor of artistic and art-related problems. - To continuously co-operate with international institutions dealing with artistic and art related problems.

- To ensure and to secure the profit made from trading with these problems. - To analyse the market for global and local needs for these problems in the future.

- To offer a legal structure for the international art-problems law, concerning trading with these problems and to influence local governments to adopt state laws in order to help companies trading with artistic problems to get their appropriate positions in the markets.

- To work on a global plan, an intelligent network of other newly-established centers, institutions and departments worldwide, dealing and trading with artistic and art-related problems. dPAPd in Frankfurt is also going to function as a corporate nerve headquarters, documentation center and archives for transactions and financial initiatives, regarding trading and other business related operations concerning artistic and art-related problems.
In that sense, the Management Board of the Problem Stock Exchange, together with its experts, concretely expects and anticipates that because of dPAPd's successful operations, the trading of artistic and art-related problems this year will rise at least 15,7% from last year. With its market analyses the Marketing Sector of dPAPd will continually monitor the financial position and state of goods on the artistic problems market and on the stock exchange floor. Problemarket.com invites artists, curators, journalists, theoreticians, critics, producers and also institutions (museums, galleries, festivals) to participate in the future work of dPAPd and to help the functioning of this department and to contribute to its further development. "A problem is a challenge wrongly considered", said English poet and philosopher GK Chesterton at the beginning of last century. We paraphrase him: "Art is a problem wrongly challenged". Let's make a profit out of it!

Additional Activities of dPAPd at Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt (June 2002) Problemarket.com patrocinates two excellent music events on RadioX Frankfurt (101.4 Mhz FM Stereo): - presentation of the BAST music collective - presentation of the BeitThron project by MC Brane

More information: Problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange c/o Forum Ljubljana Metelkova 6 SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia tel: +38614314254 fax: +38614338074 e-mail: board@problemarket.com

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[ $ ] Do you have a problem? [ $ | $ ] The Problem Stock Exchange is initiating trade! # ProNews - 9/11/01 - from our correspondent # IFA - The International Financial Association, with headquarters in Geneva, has announced the opening of a new international stock exchange in Ljubljana, named "problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange". "problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange" will be the first stock exchange, both in Slovenia and the rest of the international financial arena, to enable companies dealing exclusively with problems to be floated on a specialized stock exchange establish for this purpose. Companies which do business with problems (sell, buy, lease, or warehouse problems) will be floated on the Problem Stock Exchange. The market handled by the Problem Stock Exchange is unlimited. The Management Board President's Press Secretary has declared they anticipate a turnover of approximately 482 billion PRO within the first two years. [ $ | $ | $ ] How to get to the Problem Stock Exchange? The Grand Opening of problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange will be held on Friday, 16 November 2001, at 19:00 in the premises of the Slovenian cybernetic center Kiberpipa (club Metropol) on Kersnikova 6 in Ljubljana. The Problem Stock Exchange will operate on the Internet, at the following address http://www.problemarket.com Beginning of trading: 16 November 2001 at 20:00. The Problem Stock Exchange also operates in the public domain through the problemat, a machine which grants access to the Problem Stock Exchange, first: located at the Ljubljana Post Office from 19. to 30.11.2001, after: in many mayor European cities (follow: ProNews for dates, venues and other details). ProNews - You can watch and listen to the Problem Stock Exchange News on: - TV ProNews: TV Slovenija 1, every weekday from 19. to 30.11.2001 at 22:50 - Radio ProNews: - Radio Gama MM (106,4 FM), every weekday from 19. to 30.11. at 10:30 - Radio Student (89,3 MHZ), every weekday from 19. to 23.11. at 15:20 For additional information please contact: info@problemarket.com © ProNews 9/11/01 ProNews is the most influential business and financial media [ $ | $ | $ |

Problem Stock Exhange Management Board:
Davide Grassi President of the Management Board Igor Stromajer Chairman of the Supervisory Council Production Department: Eva Rohrman Director of the Production Department Programming Department: Mitja Slenc Head of Programming Department Samo Dekleva Programming Department Advertising Department: Mare Bulc Creative Director of the Advertising Department Natalija Pihler, Nika Locniskar ProNews Marketing Department: Jaka Satler Head of Marketing Department Marcel Misanovic Marketing advisor Department of Legal Affairs: Ajda Likar Lawyer Department of Economic Affairs: Bostjan Vasle, M.A. Macroeconomist [ $ | $ | $ | $ | $ | $ | $ ] Problem Stock Exchange http://www.problemarket.com

“BRAINSCORE” Slovenia Authors: Darij Kreuh, Davide Grassi

Is a system for incorporeal communication. Communication codes, which we developed through consideration of social aspects, are becoming old-fashioned and awkward due to increasing complexity of information technology. While until recently the body presented some help in communication as a gestural interface, it now faces great incompatibility and apathy in transferring and mediating information.
Thereby basic codes, which alter perception of communication phenomena, are changing.
DEAR FRIENDS! We would like to invite you to the premiere of Brainscore, interactive performance in a virtual reality environment.
Premiere: Thursday, 21. 9. 2000, at 9 pm Re-runs: 22., 23., 26. and 28. 9. at 9 pm
Computer programming: Tadej Fius Eye-movement tracking system: Iztok Lapanja Production: FORUM Ljubljana Co-production: Cankarjev dom, KID Kibla, Kapelica Gallery
The BRAINSCORE project deals with the research of communication patterns and the interface enabling the human body and the global information space to connect. It is a performance for two operators, in which incorporeal communication is used as the starting point for creating a controlled communication system.
The system is based on the use of brain waves and eye movement for performing basic commands while defining a new digital discourse in virtual space without using the traditional and generally established ways of communication (thus, socially recognized and conventional communication codes are abandoned – speech, body gestures etc.).
http://www.cd-cc.si/kultura/brain1.htm --http://www.kibla.org/kibla/brainscore.html
Workshops Incorporeal communication can be tested in workshops free of charge.
Workshops will take place in Cankarjev dom from the 22nd to the 28th of September, 10 am – 12 am and 4 pm – 6 pm.
Information and registration: +386 1 24 17 335
Touring information Uros Korencan, Arts Agency, Cankarjev dom, Presernova 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,
e-mail:uros.korencan@cd-cc.si, tel:+386 1 2417 166
Uros Korencan Arts Agency Director Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre Presernova 10 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

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