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The studio/ the world Video Lecture

Anahí Cáceres

Translator: Vicky Illas

Is the physical space a determinant in any kind of production?
Then if the whole space is used by people occupying it is probable, in this relationship environment/artist his identity can be developed

And, what about the internet non-space? This is a question for we all.

Hello. I am Anahi Cáceres from Buenos Aires, Argentina

On august thirteenth it was the thirty fourth anniversary of the construction of the wall in Berlin. It was destroyed in the twentieth century
But mankind is still unaware. In this millenium, again a new wall is being built.

This is the line that divides the world in two
This is the place for one - an this is the place for the other
What can we do about this?
How would it be to think of a place for everyone?

We are all responsible. Because the world must change its mentality once and for all, because impunity and silence must be stopped. Because there must be something to do to stop fear and horror installed in human condition.

mi work/ Arteuna

A work of art is an idea, it is the product of the relatioship between millions of synapsis
The Idea, which appears revolutionizing some other ideas and then conforming the possibility of new realities

My last series of work is called Pulsion and Sequences and is related to beauty and harmony. Life pulsion instead of death, sequences of beauty instead of banality
Is a transgression, in this times of horror. I think art is transgressing, transforming, inquiring.

Internet impacts on the world in two differents things: In one hand it installs a new way of relationship and culture, making somehow more independent users; but in the other hand, and simultaneously, is more vulnerable to global domination by the Power System. This is rather conflictive, something must be done.

While in art impacts in different ways, bringing a new type of art viewers, plural, individual, annonimous, willing to participate.
For artists it is a way of relationship, a circuit somehow independent from traditional forms, renaming the criteria of team and cross-languages

Since nineteen ninety six I have been managering the arteuna dot com site.

RRF Argentina

Quoting Lorenzo Vilches, the "digital migration" is rendering new ways of thinking and products that will modify the cultural strategies troghout the world

Our participation in RRF: Women: Memory of Represion in Argentina, was elaborated in a team including journalists, writers, artists and people below the watchwork Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting, speaking of our Reality. This, what we are constructing all together, including those who seem to have been lost their Memory.

We were, as every year in the "Never More" march, filming, recording, photographing
Others went to the ESMA manifestation to photograph and register the event.
It is a communitary work of art, of documentation, participation, and scenario

This is time for the future archaeology in the twenty first century. Standing on before and lookig after. In this country Remembering is come again

A.C- September 2004 ( RRF Video Lecture by Agrticola de Cologne. Perth Australia)



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