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Anahí Cáceres Born in Córdoba in 1953, during her childhood lives in Chile, later she studies and works in Córdoba. Since 1990 resides in Buenos Aires. Director of ArteUna, Multiple Space Art in Internet (1996 - 2005) (

2002-2003 Consultor Design Government of Buenos Aires City

Since 1974 at 94, she works in different and simultaneous languages: Painting, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Object, Installations, Vídeo, Performances.
In 1994 she being to make works with digital tools: Image, Vídeo, Animation, net art, Installations and Performances. More than 400 solo and collective shows in Argentina and other countries; Miró Museum Barcelona; P. Fort Gallery, Catalunia; Johannesburg Art Gallery; National Panama Museum of Fine Arts; Euroamericana Gallery Caracas; El Cerro Gallery Santiago Chile; Paraphernalia Gallery Lima; Nexus Gallery Philadelphia; Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca; National Library MDF México; DCTV Manhattan, N-Y.
Since ‘ 80 she had 30 awards in Draw, Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Medias, Print, Elechtronic Arts, Digital video, Illumination, Internet.
From 1995 still 97 "One World Art", Itinerant Project Right To Hope, Asia, Africa, Europe, Lationamérica and USA (Curated by Katherine Thick, England).
International Fairs 1993 at 1994: Art 'BA Buenos Aires Argentina, Bogotá Colombia, Caracas Venezuela, Miami USA. Artist invited representative of the country, in 1993 Biennial Puerto Rico (Curated by J. Glusberg) and X Mostra de Gravura, Curitiva Brazil (Curated by Ivo Mesquita).
Prof. of IUNA Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte, Thesis Director and Consultor. Paint, Print, Draw and Mixed Medias’s Jury.

2004: ArteUna was an extension of the Global Net Working Proyect R-R-F--->2004 by Agricola de Cologne "Women Memory of Repression in Argentina.
2002- 2003: Consultor - Web and Designer of Dirección General de Museos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires ; Eikon awards Web Mention 2003.
2001:Selected by Franklin Furnace for “The Future of the Present” Residence with Parson MFA, NYC. YIWE-YIWEb Internet, Art Project Auspicated by the Argentina Chancellery. 30/04/01 Live art: "YIWE-YIWEb" Performance, DCTV Downtown Community Television Center NYC.
2001.2001:arteUna was Member of e-ring Doble _vínculo by José Luis Brea Artist

Action/ Performances: "The Future of the Present 2001" Franklin Furnace Proyect, "YIWE-YIWEb" TV-Web Performance, Dawn Town Comunity Television Center DCTV/Franklin Furnace, New York April 2001. , Vídeo-Performance "Laberinto", Shows Homage to Borges. San Martín Cultural Center, Buenos Aires 1999"Vídeo-Performance. "El Oscurecimiento de la luz", Espacio Giesso, Buenos Aires 1994; "El Personaje del Centro", Vídeo-Performance 1994;Shows "The Conquest" Installation and Performance " El Gran Quipu", Recoleta Cultural Center Buenos Aires 1992;Show "America: Aesthetic investigations for their discovery", "Kiñekura" Video Installation and Performance Provincial Museum of Fine Arts E. Caraffa, Córdoba 1992; Show of Young Art "Performances in DorregoSquare " Casa de Castagnino, Buenos Aires 1991;Art in the Street", ADEV Group (Group for the development of Visuals experiences ) Opening and Special Event of the 1º International Festival of Latin American Theater, Córdoba 1984.

30 awards among them:
"Jacobo Kogan" Internet Award, Visual Arts Awards 1999, AACA, (Association Argentina of Critical of Arts) Buenos Aires 2000.
Vídeo Art Mention of the Jury, Electronic Arts Competition, I.C.I (Institute of Ibero-American Cooperation) 1999;"Premio del Mar" Mixed Midias Contest without discipline, Mar del Plata 1995; "Caputo" Award of Print, Santa Fé National Contest, 1995; 1º Award of Illuminationand and Set, International Festival of Experimental Theater, El Cairo, Egipto1994;2º Prize of Painting Salón de la Vision Contest, Buenos Aires 1991;3º Prize of Print Manuel Belgrano Municipal Contest of Visual Arts, 1991 Buenos Aires; Painting Great Prize of Honor Pro Arte National Contest, 1989 Córdoba; CIDAM Anual Print Award, 1989 Córdoba;1ºAward of Paint Las Varillas Provincial Contest , Córdoba 1989; Mention to National Rosario's Contest, 1987 Santa Fé; Mention Painting Senate of the County of Córdoba Contest, 1987;1º Digital Art in Internet, Argentinean Festival and Competition "Arte al Día en" 1º Substitute Finalist Grants a scholarship of Sculpture "Dürer" National Fundation of Arts, 1981;---
Mention, 3º Prize, 2º Prize and 1º Prize: Print and Drawing , Anual and Juvenile of APAC Contest, Córdoba 1976 at 78.

National Grants Culture Bureau 2005
New Technology, National Arts Awards 2004
1º Design
National Contest of Buenos Aires 2000
Visual Arts Provincial Contest Tres Arroyos Province of Buenos Aires 1998
Painting Municipal Contest , Paraná Entre Ríos 1998
Painting Contest Federal National; Print and Drawing Federal National Contest 1994
Painting Federal National Contest (Selection) Buenos Aires and Premiation, San Luis 1991
Provincial Contest School of Fine Artes La Pampa Visual Arts 1989
Painting Contest Figueroa Alcorta Provincial School of Fine Arts, Córdoba 1987

Multimedia and Digital Image. Educational activities :
2000-2010 - Thesis Director. Visual Arts Licentiature Degree , IUNA National University Institute of Art. Buenos Aires.
2006 - Postgrade Seminary Fine Arts,IUNA National University Institute of Art. Buenos Aires.
2006-2010 -
Regular Teacher. Taller Multimedia FUC , Buenos Aires.
2000 - 10- Regular Teacher "Digital Image I (Obligatory) II , III (Optional) and Proyectuals Career of Visual Arts, IUNA, National University Institute of Art. Buenos Aires.
2000 - Postgrade Seminary Fine Arts National University of Tucumán.
2000 - X's Reflection Journeys about Art. Plenary Conference of Digital Art, Fine Arts National University of Tucumán.
1996 at the 98 - Federal Plan's Seminarys. Culture Secretary , Presidency of the Nation; School of Fine Arts La Pampa; School of Fine Arts National University Córdoba with the support of the Faculty of Chemical Mathematical and Physical Sciences IMAF Córdoba.
1994-95 / 2000 - Multimedia and Digital Image Courses. Cultural Extension Cycles. Higth School of Fine Arts "E. de Cárcova", Buenos Aires.
1995 -Multimedia Seminary "Theory, Reality and Possibility: Limits between the science and the art" 20 Artists, theorics, scientifics and invited technicians, duration 6 months. Buenos Aires.

2000 - 2002 "YIWE-YIWEb" concept - material-immaterial (3D Max, Web, interactive, objects, text, sound, performance) Develop Database in Residence Parson MFA N-AND, selected by Franklin Furnace, Performance in DCTV NY April 2001.
1996 - 99: Director of the Projects "Simultaneus 3" and "Simultaneus 4" simultaneously in the web and Laboratory of Digital Image Superior School of Fine Arts "E. de La Cárcova" Buenos Aires.
1984 - 92: Córdoba Independent projects: Pre- Columbus Ceremonial art Language , culture and relationship with the contemporary art. Temuco Chile - Córdoba Argentina. "Readings of Pre- Columbus ceremonial art Language : The Nguillantún, the great ceremony of the mapuche's people" Ponence in Journeys "Genesis of Extreme West" Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, National University of Córdoba 1992. Published by ImaginERA Córdoba, presented in CAYC Buenos Aires. OEA Library Collection and files of
1982 - 84: ADEV. Group for Development of Visual Experiences, Córdoba. Auspiced by Municipality of Córdoba and Renault CORP. Group of experimentation. Sound - Super 8, Installations - alternative tecnologies , Lasser, Alta Córdoba Cultural Center.
1980: Polyesters Resines . Suventioned by the National Fundation of the Arts.


"Appropiation as practice. Art and Identity in Argentina", de Arnd Schneider. ED: palgrave macmillan USA 2006. Cap. 8 . Pág. 163 : The transubstantation of the indigenous. spanish pdf >
"Arte' 80" Editorial Correo , Buenos Aires; "50 years of Painting in Córdoba" A.T. The Celso Córdoba; "Argentinean Art I prologued by Arq J. Glusberg; Monography "Plastic arts in the History 4." Department School of Arts, National University of Córdoba; Monography Seminary "The Painting in Córdoba" Prof. M. Morra. Department of Arts, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, National University of Buenos Aires UBA; "120 Years of Painting in Córdoba" prologued by Prof. N. Perazzo; "Chronology of Installations in Córdoba", M. C. Irazusta, Córdoba, University Editions; "Right to Hope"prologued by Nelson Mandela, Johannesburg; "Readings of Pre- Columbus ceremonial art Language : The Nguillantún, the great ceremony of the mapuche's people" Editions ImaginERA, Library Editions of the OEA; "In order to speaking, vivency of plastics artists", C. Ziperovich, Córdoba Edition of Secretary of Culture Government of the Córdoba City; "Scenarios for Possible Futures" S. Martinou, Athens Greece; Educational Vídeos, Secretary of Culture of the Province of Buenos Aires; Newspapers and Magazines: "Papers" published by Secretary of Culture Governation of Córdoba; Buenos Aires: "Artinf", "What we Make", "Education and Internet", Edited by Apeiron Buenos Aires 1997, "Compu Magazine", "Theater to the South", "The Elephant in the Bazaar", "The Maga", "Lys", "International Art at Day", "Paper & Stamp", "Computer Clarin", "Buenos Aires Bellas Artes" Edition of the National Museum of Fine Arts / University of Palermo Buenos Aires; "Daltonic Observer ", "Art of Action 1960 - 1990" Edition of the MAMba Museum of Modern Art ; "Digital Art and Interactivity" Edition L. F.Rolando's Cathedra, Palermo University Buenos Aires - Argentina; "Printmaking Today" London, "Art in Colombia" Colombia.etc..


Provincial Museum of Fine Arts "Emilio Caraffa", Córdoba Argentina.
Municipal Museum of Painting Manuel Reyna, Córdoba. Argentina.
Fine Arts Municipal Museum Eduardo Sívori, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Print National Museum. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Antonio Vigo’s Municipal Museum of Mail Art, La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Alfredo Portillos’s Particular Museum of Artist Books, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Municipal Museum of Drawing and Print, Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos Argentina.
Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fé.
MAMba Modern Art Municipal Museum. Videotech, Buenos Aires Argentina.
Deutsche Bank’s Collection. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Center of Contemporary Art Chateau Carreras’s Latin American prints Collection, Córdoba Argentina.
29 Cordovan artists’s Collection, Center of Contemporary Art Chateau Carreras, Córdoba Argentina.
Espacio Giesso’s Art Collection. Buenos Aires.
Art’s House Print Collection, National University Concepción, Chile.
Gallery Art Conseil’s Serigraphys Collection, Paris France.
Domingo Zípoli’s Paint Collection National University of Córdoba Argentina.
Government’s Paint Collection Córdoba.
Aditi Theatre Videotech, Georgia.
Johannesburg Art Gallery Videotech, South Africa.
Franklin Furnace's Videotech NYC, USA
Library of the OEA, USA
Library of the Deliberative Council, Buenos Aires Argentina.


Franklin Furnace 2001 New York "YIWE-YIWEb"
Fernando Luis Rolando 2001 "Arte Digital e Interactividad" Proyecto de Investigación Universidad de Palermo
Alicia Candiani 2001
Alvin Chua 2000 Spotlight on the digital world .School of media & Journalism. Australia
Developmen Digital Mind 2000 Canadá
Rodrigo Alonso 2000 Buenos Aires Bellas Artes Magazine
Alicia Candiani 1999 Papel & Estampa
Rodrigo Alonso 1998 Sobre las Leyes Naturales
Jorge Figueroa 1998
La Gaceta, Tucumán
Gabriel Gutnisky 1998
La Voz del Interior, Córdoba
Ana Durán 1996 Teatro al Sur
Revista El Elefante en el Bazar1995
Marcelo Nusenovich 1994
Edit. Imagin Era
Claudio Ziperovich 1994
"Con el Objeto de hablar, vivencias de artistas plásticos"
Ana Rosso 1993 UBA
Alberto Collazo 1993
Arte en Colombia
Fabián Lebenglick 1993
Página/ 12
120 Años de Pintura en Córdoba 1991 Secretaría de Cultura Provincia de Córdoba
Raúl Santana 1991 Estudio Lisenberg

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